• Education & Lifelong Learning Watch 2015 - General Report

  • New Briefing No. 77 ’Social safeguards in Europe - Redefining our narrative’

  • Join us on 22 March for EU World of Work for Youth (WOW project) Final Conference

  • How to mainstream social protection in the European Development Fund’s (EDF) National Indicative Programmes (NIPs). Civil Society tells us how...

Latest News

  • SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards 2016

    The 2016 SOLIDAR Silver Rose Awards in the category ‘Together for Social Europe’ goes to… FairWork

    Right under our very noses, thousands of people are working as modern slaves, although, you might not easily recognise them. Modern slavery is of course, forbidden in the Netherlands. Anyone who is guilty of this violates the basic rights of man. FairWork dedicates itself to a slavery free Netherlands. (as stated on Fairwork.nu)

  • Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General

    Civil society agenda

    The Lisbon-Treaty made a significant step forward through its article 11 on civil dialogue. After more than 20 years of acting on the European level as an interlocutor and advocate for different issues of general interest, there is now a legal framework. This has still not been understood by everyone within the European institutions, as civil dialogue is still often misinterpreted as communication and consultation. Broad consultations have a democratic element thanks to their scope and framework, but responses are all assessed at the same level, regardless of the representativeness and legitimacy of the network or individual replying.

  • Organising International Solidarity

    Mobilising for Social Justice in the Middle East at the ILO conference

    From 30 May until 3 June 2016, SOLIDAR will attend the 105th edition of the International Labour Conference in Geneva. This year, on the agenda of the different Committees there will be a discussion on Decent Work in the Global Supply Chain, on the revision of ILO Recommendation 71 “Employment and Decent Work for the Transition from War to Peace”, and the review of the impact of the ILO Declaration on Social Justice for Fair Globalisation.

  • Together for Social Europe

    SOLIDAR study visit and Festival Sabir at Pozzallo: together for a better Europe

    Last week more than 20 members of SOLIDAR coming from all over Europe got together in Pozzallo, Italy, one of the EU hotspots for migrants and refugees arriving through the Mediterranean route, for a study visit organised in collaboration with our member ARCI. The visit represented an opportunity to learn and discuss about the main challenges faced by ARCI and its regional and local branches involved in the first aid and migrant integration activities in Sicily and was attended by members coming from Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Greece and chaired by SOLIDAR president, Francisca Sauquillo.

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