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  • Taking Stock for a New European Neighborhood Policy: Decent Work, Social protection and Freedom of Association - New SOLIDAR Briefing

  • SOLIDAR Foundation Briefing #71 - Building learning Societies: Investing in Education and Lifelong Learning

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Latest News

  • Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General

    The global concern: fighting increasing inequalities!

    This week SOLIDAR has been involved in a series of seminars in the World Social Forum in Tunis and in the Progressive Alliance conference in Mexico around the issues of social justice, fighting inequalities and exclusion.

    Three continents and one concern: how to reduce inequalities and to promote human rights and freedom of association. The WSF has not only demonstrated the determination to stand with the Tunisian people against the attempts to undermine the fruits of the revolution and to stop the process of establishing a democratic systems based on rights enshrined in the new Constitution, but also to seek real sustainable socio-economic development. The process is just at its beginning and Europe must make full use of the review of the Neighbourhood policy to invest in social protection and development to show at least in this country that another way of societal development is possible, which might set an example for neighbouring countries.

  • Day 4 - SOLIDAR Mobilising for Social Justice at the World Social Forum

    Today, 27 March, SOLIDAR in cooperation with the GPF, AWID, CGIL, UGTT and FGTB is organising a workshop titled ‘a Progressive Approach to Women’s’ Rights’ at the El Manar Univeristy (Salle de Lecture 2).

  • Together for Social Europe

    “Café Pédagogique” on migration organised by CEMEA in Lille

    Last week SOLIDAR participated in a “café pédagogique” organised by our member CEMEA in Lille (France) to discuss the issue of migration and social assistance. The cafés are public debates organised three times a year with the aim of stimulating discussion among social workers, volunteers and anybody else interested in social, pedagogical and cultural issues. The methods implemented have the aim of facilitating an exchange of ideas, spur reflections and new cooperation by involving different people in an open discussion.

  • Building Learning Societies

    WOW – World of Work project launched

    Youth can be engaged and mobilised to create change when they are offered tools such as personal skills and knowledge of European affairs, such as socio-economic conditions, rights and opportunities for youth in Europe, especially in times of high youth unemployment. The figure of 14 million youths between 15 and 29 who are not in employment, education or training should be seen as equal to the indicator of youth exclusion from education and the labour market. This comes at a high cost, notably their sense of increasing vulnerability, alienation, disenfranchisement etc. To counteract this, we need to empower youth to act and to develop pathways for their integration into society and the labour market.

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