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  • Taking Stock for a New European Neighborhood Policy: Decent Work, Social protection and Freedom of Association - New SOLIDAR Briefing

  • SOLIDAR Foundation Briefing #71 - Building learning Societies: Investing in Education and Lifelong Learning

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Latest News

  • Editorial by Conny Reuter, SOLIDAR Secretary General

    Is it urgent to wait?

    Rumours regularly circulate around the European Institutions, but this week we had confirmation from different sources: the Commission has decided that the mid-term review of the Europe2020 strategy will be postponed until either the end of this year or the beginning of 2016. It is a decision that is hard to understand, especially as no official justification has been provided at this stage.

  • Building Learning Societies

    Lifelong learning to advance social developments

    The European Union has been facing one of the biggest economic recessions in its history over the last few years, and it has had a severe economic and social impact on the Member States, as well as on the lives of millions of Europeans who have been directly affected by the austerity policies. Now, as various measures are being taken towards recovery with the economic and social targets set as a priority alongside the headline Europe 2020 goals, SOLIDAR calls on the EU to work towards strengthening the Social Acquis and increasing social cohesion by adopting long-term policies oriented towards social investments.

  • Together for Social Europe

    ESDE Review 2014 – Structural reforms not at the cost of social cohesion and inclusive societies!

    The annual ‘Employment and Social Developments in Europe’ report, published on January 15 by the European Commission, brought not much news this year, especially no good news. The picture in Europe remains bleak.

    The report highlights persisting structural challenges in the EU such as rising unemployment, increasing numbers of young people not in employment, education or training (NEETs), a prominent gender gap and undeclared work in the labour market, increasing poverty and social exclusion in two third of the countries, especially for the working age population and children as well as growing divergences between countries in the EMU. These trends are also confirmed by the first findings of the analysis we conducted together with our members and partners in the framework of the SOLIDAR Social Progress Watch Initiative.

  • Organising International Solidarity

    SOLIDAR supports the ECESR amendment to the Protest Act!

    The fourth anniversary of Egypt’s January 25 revolution has been marked by the terrible death of 20 peaceful protestors, while at least 49 people have been killed in clashes in Egypt.

    SOLIDAR heavily condemns the recent events in Egypt and strongly insists upon the principle that the right to assemble and organize is a precondition for the defense of collective rights and remains at the core of any functioning democratic system.

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